Facial Massage

  • Whitening Facial Treatment - Brighten and lighter your face with this treatment
  • Anti- Ageing Facial Treatment - Rejuvenate your face with this facial treatment
  • Ulimate Collagen Treamtnet - Regenerate your skin with this treatment
  • Three Seaweed Mask - Brighter and tone up your face
  • Softening Marine Mask - Helps to decrease spots and softens the skin

Facial Masks

  • The Green Seaweed Mask - Specially formulate for Oily and Combination
  • The Blue Seaweed Mask - Specially formulated for Sensitive skin
  • The Yellow Seaweed Mask - Specially formulated for Dry skin
  • The Hydrogel Mask - Helps to hydrate your skin with water and minerals
  • The Collagen Enrichment Mask - Specially formulated to stimulate and firm-up your skin